Jacob Sickels

Full Stack Developer

I'm a software engineer with a passion for UI/UX


Singlewire Software / InformaCast

Software Developer - UX Lead

At Singlewire Software I help build InformaCast, a mass notification software that communicates with phones, desktops, mobile devices, and speakers. Because of my specialization with front end development, I work closely with our UX designers to build component libraries using Storybook, and use those libraries to build user interfaces programmed in React, React Native, and TypeScript.

In The Zone / Doggo Sports

Software Developer Contract

Doggo is dog agility trial software that helps administrators collect entry payments, configure agility trial information, and facilitate trial scoring. I worked with a small team of developers using next generation web application technologies such as Stripe, NextJS, tRPC and Prisma to build disruptive trial management software in the dog agility sports ecosystem.